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The proper care in achieving the best color...

A day prior to session

It is important to exfoliate with a gentle spa grade exfoliant designed for sunless tan preparation. If you don't have a suitable body scrub, it is recommended to use a liquid soap with a loofah/sponge for the exfoliation process. 

Day of session

Do not apply deodorant, perfume, body oils or moisturizer to skin as this can create a barrier as well as an uneven tan. Wear dark, lose fitting cotton clothing and flip flops to your spray tanning appointment to avoid visual rub off or staining of your clothing. 

After session care

Avoid any activity that would cause sweating, contact with water or heat that could result in streaks or uneven tanning. If you choose to sleep in your spray tan, wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants. 

Useful Tips

  • The life of your spray tan depends on how well you take care of your skin. It is important to always pat dry when exiting the shower. 
  • Moisturizing twice a day with a tan extend lotion can add 5-7 days to the life of your tan. 
  • It is also important to use a gentle non-acidic body wash to avoid striping your tan. 
  • The following products have been shown to reduce the duration and quality of your sunless tan: Anti-Aging, Acne products and Bar soap. 
  • If at all possible, you should try to avoid prolonged contact with chlorine or salt water. This can lead to premature fading of a spray tan. 

Pre and Post Care